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Digital project management including CRM in the photovoltaic industry

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Photovoltaic businesses specializing in the planning and operation of renewable energy systems are facing major challenges. The high demand is difficult to cope with and competition in the industry is increasing.

In order to remain competitive, you need to act flexibly and adapt processes quickly to customer requirements. Companies that have digitized their processes are ideally prepared for this, as they can handle PV offers and orders more efficiently, for example with a CRM that has been developed specifically for the photovoltaic industry.

PV demand is growing - project management and CRM are falling by the wayside

The photovoltaic industry is experiencing a period of rapid growth, but the lack of flexible PV software solutions to address the project management and CRM challenges in the solar sector is slowing progress.

Quoting and invoicing take up valuable time and reduce efficiency. Isolated solutions complicate order processing. Standard ERP and PV CRM systems are often too inflexible, expensive to implement and do not meet the requirements of modern solar projects.

The quality of customer communication suffers due to the high demand for PV systems. If there is no suitable CRM system or many Excel lists are still being used, this can lead to a loss of efficiency.

A customized CRM and ERP can save photovoltaic companies a lot of work.

Poorly organized warehouse and goods management leads to increased costs and delays in many projects. This not only costs photovoltaic companies time, but also money and sometimes even important contracts.

Digitization, gladly, but how?

The digitalization of processes, be it in the preparation of quotations or stock levels, enables faster response times, greater accuracy and better customer service.

It also helps to reduce the costs associated with manual data entry and the associated paperwork.

But how can companies digitize and automate their processes when they barely have time to implement an IT project?

How to choose the right software and CRM platform for digitalization in photovoltaics

The particular challenge of photovoltaic processes is that all information from customer management, i.e. CRM, ERP and project management, must come together: When preparing an offer, you have to keep an eye on stock levels and also prepare profitability analyses, among other things.

This is precisely where Ninox comes in with its solution for the photovoltaic industry: With the low-code platform, all business-relevant information is managed in a central database and entire projects are mapped.

A CRM tool tailored to PV can drive your digitalization forward.

‍By using a centralized digital database where all information is stored and accessible to all stakeholders according to their tasks, photovoltaic companies can remain competitive and provide the best possible service to their customers.

Ninox's low-code approach also makes it possible to quickly create a customized solution or make adjustments. Based on database-driven low-code technology, the required applications are developed and the desired functions adapted in a short space of time.

A powerful PV CRM is also included, which maps all processes from quotation creation to invoice transmission. But the software solution does not stop at CRM. We rely on partners who are experts in the photovoltaic industry so that you can implement a fully comprehensive software solution within a few days.

The company Photovate, a Ninox Premium Solution Partner, has set an example: they have developed a tailor-made and comprehensive PV software for the photovoltaic industry, which is already being used successfully by various customers.

Quickly request and create PV quotes from the CRM

Our partners' solution has been developed from practical experience so that photovoltaic installers can map all processes digitally. From the first contact via the company's website to the order: the entire sales process is managed in a software solution based on Ninox.

Quotations and amortization forecasts are created automatically and can be sent directly from Ninox by email. Project management is mapped digitally throughout, from cost calculation to delivery and installation. Employees also have an overview of all project information at all times - including current stock levels, so that delivery bottlenecks can be countered immediately.

The solutions from our partners in the PV industry therefore not only provide you with a fully-fledged CRM, but also a perfect ERP for the photovoltaic industry.

Ninox for solar engineers: This is how it works in practice

Many photovoltaic professionals are already automating their processes with the help of Ninox so that their customers don't have to wait for information. We would be happy to show you how this works in practice.

You need more information about what the comprehensive PV software for the photovoltaic industry Can anything? Click on the link and watch webinar recordings that give you an idea of Ninox and the software.

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