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Why digital tools and user adoption are important

The use of digital solutions is now essential to be successful in operational business. However, many companies are struggling with the problem that they are in a Sea of Excel lists lose and lose track of their data and processes. Even when they acquire a variety of tools, one key obstacle remains: the user acceptance.

But why is user adoption so important? It's simple: It's no use if companies have a variety of tools but don't make optimal use of them. This only leads to more chaos and overwhelming employees. They are simply not motivated to explore other new tools, especially if they are not user-friendly and do not offer an effective system for exchanging data.

A smart offer configurator as a user-friendly solution for sales teams

Efficiency is a key factor in sales teams, particularly for companies such as KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH. As a manufacturer of scientific laboratory measuring devices for research, routine analysis and quality assurance, KNAUER works with numerous retailers worldwide to sell these devices to end customers.

By implementing a Ninox-based offer configurator, sales teams were able to optimize their workflows and increase productivity. The offer configurator provides sales staff with a structured platform on which they can find all the information and resources they need to create tailor-made offers for customers quickly and easily.

The user-friendly interface of the offer configurator significantly simplifies the preparation of offers. With ready-made offer templates, sales agents can save valuable time and adapt them to individual configuration requirements. Prices and discounts can be assigned clearly and easily. This minimizes bidding errors, resulting in higher data consistency and accuracy.

The user acceptance and use of an offer configurator is significantly influenced by its user-friendly design and intuitive usability. When salespeople use a tool that is easy to learn and use, their motivation and willingness to make full use of it increases. This results in greater efficiency, improved customer experiences and, ultimately, an increase in revenue potential.

In this Success story from Knauer read more about this.

About the ArcRider use case:

In August 2022, Carsten Losch, managing director of KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH, became aware of ArcRider. The Berlin-based company works with many retailers worldwide who sell these devices to end customers. KNAUER is already using Ninox software to manage the modular components of all systems. Both retailers and internal sales agents work with Ninox to compile individual offers for end customers.

One problem, however, was that many retailers did not sufficiently accept the tool and instead created offers using external tools. As a result, KNAUER was unable to guarantee the data accuracy of the offers created and forecasts could only be calculated imprecisely. “By working with the ArcRider team, we have succeeded in creating a more intuitive user interface for our NINOX application, which our sales partners all over the world enjoy using every day,” say Alexandra Knauer, owner of Knauer Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbH and Carsten Losch, CEO.

Knauer's requirement was to increase user acceptance and satisfaction with Ninox among sales partners worldwide. To do this, the interface should be made more appealing and time saved when preparing offers. Particular attention was paid to the fact that the sorting of the offered items can be easily changed with a single click. In addition, the new interface should encourage retailers to add reference customers.

Optimize with a user-friendly design

arcrider: Ninox Angebotskonfigurator

This led to the solution of the problem ArcRider carried out an optimization and created an offer configurator with a user-friendly design.

ArcRider: “We have developed a new offer configurator with an app character that makes it easy and efficient to create offers. To do this, we've converted the entire Ninox user interface into a custom design interface.

The new interface has the following features:

  • more app character
  • intuitive operation
  • clear guidance through the offer process
  • clearly visually appealing interface
  • Significantly saved clicks

arcrider: “Smart filters and the division into process steps simplified the view and reduced the flood of information to avoid being overwhelmed with fields and information. In addition to process optimization, we have developed and integrated several special functions. ”

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