Everyday life as a tradesman without the chaos of paperwork - the Ninox tradesman app

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This Ninox app is the tool that's missing from your toolbox!

Do you know the situation: A work report has been filled out carelessly, parts of the job file have been forgotten in the office or the route map has disappeared? Photos of construction sites are quickly sent via WhatsApp and then have to be laboriously assigned to projects? Or have some services been inaccurately documented so that they cannot be fully invoiced and money is left lying around at the end? A daily routine characterized by paperwork that not only makes life difficult for tradespeople, but also for office staff.

We have good news for you: just like the cordless screwdriver, Ninox is now revolutionizing the everyday life of every tradesperson. The tradesman app for Ninox can save you up to 50% time and make life easier in the office and on the construction site.

How exactly does it work?

The tradesman app for Ninox differs significantly from conventional tradesman software. It is not rigid and inflexible, but can be individually adapted to your needs. It was specially designed for tradespeople and is suitable for almost all trades. It runs on any device, whether on a PC in the browser, iPad or iPhone or Android tablet or smartphone... This means that employees have access to all data anytime and anywhere, even when on the move on the construction site.

The main functions of the Ninox Craftsman app are as follows:

  • Task management
  • CRM/contact database
  • Digital order files
  • Digital forms
  • Time and material recording
  • Evaluations & overviews

Digital time recording

The working hours of each employee are stored as standard in the digital time recording system. They can then record their hours directly after a working day with a simple click on "End of shift" and forward them to the office. They can also enter further information such as break times, any overnight stays and information on the construction sites visited.

When it's time for payroll, employees in the office can automatically compile, evaluate and print it out in Ninox with a single click. No more paper chaos or endless battles with Excel!

Digital project management

The app's project management basically serves as a digital job file, but also offers many additional options.

The tradesman has an overview of all the projects he is assigned to. Important data such as customer contact details and project plans can also be stored for each project. By clicking on "Map", the address is displayed in Google Maps and the route can be conveniently calculated.

A task overview in checklist format keeps a cool head on the construction site and helps to organize the job in the office. The tradesmen can document materials used and hours worked here so that nothing can be forgotten when invoicing. Particularly practical: cell phone photos of the construction site can be uploaded here and marked or annotated.

Once the job has been successfully completed, the customer signs directly in the app and the report is sent to the office with a single click.

Expandable to a complete industry solution

But that is by no means all that the craftsman template has to offer. The app can be flexibly expanded and tailored to your needs. It can even be expanded to a complete industry solution, in which you can also write quotes and invoices, carry out preliminary and final costing, send personalized emails and much more ...

For example, it is possible to create and calculate quotations and send them to the customer by e-mail. When the order is placed, you can automatically transfer the services from the quotation to the project management. This means that tasks with planned hours and required materials are immediately visible to the tradespeople on their tablet or smartphone. On the construction site, you can record the hours and materials actually used for the job or task, creating complete documentation.

This means that all services are fully billable and you no longer waste money. In the office, deviations (planned vs. actual hours and material consumption) are visible in real time and you have an overview of the most important figures in the ongoing calculation at all times - you can take countermeasures in good time in the event of deviations.  

About Rico Kogleck

Rico Kogleck (RiKo Consulting) is an expert in digitalization in the trade sector. Together with his team and partners (Munsch Consulting GmbH and m2apla GmbH), he makes everyday life in trade businesses easier with individual digital solutions.

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