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OFFICE IMPART is a gallery - but no ordinary gallery. The two founders, Johanna Neuschäffer and Anne Schwanz, had several years of experience in the gallery business, but wanted to pave their own way when they went independent in 2018. That’s why they don’t just limit themselves to the physical presentation and mediation of works by selected artists, but also advise collectors and companies interested in art, organize exhibitions, develop projects, and coach artists.


A light, flexible management solution that grows with you

The business model of OFFICE IMPART is based on flexibility, efficiency, and close networking with artists, clients, and other players in the art scene. The founders' most important assets are their expertise and their contacts. From the very beginning, it was important for them to have access to all relevant information as and when they needed it and to be able to link them together in a variety of ways. Existing industry solutions for the art trade are costly and very much tailored to the processes of conventional galleries. In addition, the user is dependent on external developers for each individual adaptation. That’s why the two founders decided to develop their own solution with Ninox.

We wanted a lean, flexible software without the ballast of common industry solutions. One that we could tailor to our individual needs right from the start.

Anne Schwanz
Managing Director


Ninox customer database as a starting point

Ninox already fulfilled the most important requirements for OFFICE IMPART from the very beginning, offering the ability to work collaboratively and mobile functionality. Thus, both founders were able to work on their solution together from the start and develop it further according to their needs. The starting point was a module for managing and maintaining contacts, which has since developed into a mature CRM solution with automated newsletter management.

In addition, the Ninox solution from OFFICE IMPART also includes a digital catalogue raisonné, modules for organizing exhibitions and creating invoices and artist statements, as well as functions for preparatory accounting. The solution is constantly being adapted and developed as needed.

Key features
  • CRM
  • Project management
  • Invoicing


With Ninox, the two entrepreneurs of OFFICE IMPART have a solution that grows with them and can be adapted to their needs. New ideas and requirements arising from everyday work can be implemented in an instant. All existing data is stored centrally, linked in a variety of ways, and can be used from any location if required.

From the catalogue raisonné, works can be arranged for exhibitions or sent via email as an exposé in PDF format directly from Ninox to any interested parties. Categorization and search functions help to bring artists, works, and potential buyers together. The necessary contact information is always available at the touch of a button, and even complex artist invoices can be created far more efficiently than ever before.

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