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Project management in challenging times

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Author: Dieter Urban, ProMate LLC

Project management has always been a fine art, i.e. meeting deadlines, keeping to costings and ensuring quality. With the challenges of the current times, such as supply chain uncertainties, price fluctuations and market changes, it is becoming all the more difficult to manage projects.

But every crisis also offers an opportunity, namely if you can react quickly to the changes and master the challenges better than the competition. The key to this is not only an alert and agile management team, but also the management platform.

Ninox-based solutions are very flexible in the nature of their programming and can be adapted or expanded within days. The Ninox database, functions and interfaces enable a wide range of applications from CRM and project management to the mapping of a complete business process. Thanks to the performance of the Ninox application development platform, even complex ERP systems can be realized, which are individually tailored and can be adapted and expanded very quickly and flexibly and are also more attractively priced than classic software products.

Project planning and warehouse management

A product or service is usually made up of many individual parts and services, which are put together for each project in the project planning phase using "recipes". If these individual parts are supplemented with parameters such as availability or prices, it is possible to create or optimize the project planning depending on availability or price.

If the project planning data and the stock data are correlated, it is possible to calculate the current demand, reserve quotas with suppliers and reorder in good time. Thinking even further, the average project planning can be used to calculate a forecast for future demand.

Team planning

The assembly of a project is often carried out by assembly teams. If the assembly teams have different skills and/or regional responsibilities, the appropriate assembly team can be proposed when planning the teams depending on the skills, project location and content.

Process control

The timing of a project and an overview of all project statuses is essential for efficient implementation. A process control system that specifies milestones, assigns responsibility and due date to each step and monitors them is a key tool for this. The presentation of all process steps in the project reflects the timetable, and the listing of an employee's due process steps across all projects in their dashboard ensures rapid processing. Bottlenecks can be analyzed by evaluating the steps according to planned and completed.

These are just three examples of how effectively Ninox can intervene in project management and the added value that can arise from the correlation of data. The more broadly Ninox is used for a company's business process, the greater the added value. Sales management, employee administration and accounting are further areas of application.

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