Integrate Your ERP and Accounting Systems

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is a tool commonly used by businesses to streamline and automate business processes across departments.

An ERP might take information from an invoice and automatically send its relevant financial data to your company’s accounting program. This kind of automation saves time and reduces the risk of making a mistake when transferring information from one system to another.

Many businesses use an external accounting program like Xero or Quickbooks to manage their accounting. In this blog post we will show you how to use Integromat’s powerful online automation platform to seamlessly integrate your custom Ninox ERP with Xero’s accounting software.

Ninox for ERP

  • No-code no problem: Intuitive drag and drop tools make it easy for business professionals without coding experience to develop and deploy flexible business applications.
  • Cloud based collaboration: Ninox is a cloud based platform that works on all of your devices. Your team can collaborate effectively and be confident everyone has the most up to date information.
  • Easy integration: Ninox integrates easily with hundreds of other applications, including Xero.

Let's jump into the first tutorial!

Tutorial 1 - Create a Contact in Xero from Ninox

Every Sale and Purchase in Xero needs to be connected to a Contact. Businesses who use Ninox for their ERP will likely have their Customers and Suppliers in Ninox already, so integrating Ninox and Xero will save time, improve data accuracy and offer new opportunities.

By pressing a button in Ninox, we will pass Contact details (like Name, Address, Tel, etc) to Xero and create a new Contact. We will use Integromat to connect the Ninox and Xero.

Ninox Screenhot

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Tutorial 2 - Create an Invoice in Xero from Ninox

Businesses that manage Customers in Ninox, will raise Invoices for these Customers once they have delivered their service/product. They can push this Invoice through to their Xero account by connecting Xero to Ninox. As with the first topic, this will save time, improve data accuracy and offer new opportunities.

By pressing a button in Ninox, we pass all information required for the Invoice in Xero through to Xero and create the Invoice. This step depends on there being a "Contact" in Xero to assign the Invoice too, and so this is where tutorial 1 comes in.

Ninox Screenhot

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Tutorial 3 - Update an Invoice in Ninox after Updating in Xero

Businesses will complete a cash reconciliation in Xero to match Payments against Invoices. So when this happens, Xero can automatically find and then update the Invoice in Ninox so the two continue to match.

Xero is the trigger for this integration, and when the status of any Invoices becomes Paid, then the Paid Date is passed back to Ninox so that the Invoice in Ninox is updated to "Paid" and with the Paid Date.

Ninox Screenhot

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