FlekziTest - A Test Management Tool

One of the most important aspects of the Software Testing Life Cycle is effective test management software. Deciding on the right software for your purposes should depend on the standard process of software evaluation, such as decision analysis and resolution, the number of features offered versus its cost, to name a few.

Some Key features to look for in a strong test management tool:

  • Ease of installation
  • Create and maintain projects
  • Create and maintain milestones
  • Requirement management
  • Test case management
  • Test planning and execution
  • Defect management
  • Ability to trace requirements to test cases to defects
  • Real-time reporting
  • User role management
  • Import and export
  • Integration with other tools or services
  • Cost

Have you ever thought about how much you might have to pay for all of these features?
Few organizations still use Excel sheets for test management – is it really worth the time you spend in maintaining this data?

We understand that startups and small to medium size businesses may not want to invest huge amounts in test management. Instead, they look for test management tools with increased efficiency and lower financial investment.

FlekziTest, a test management software developed by Pertia Technologies, provides just that.

FlekziTest is:

  • Simple - Comprehensive user interface
  • Flexible - Easy to edit the templates. You don’t need to be a programming expert to do it.
  • Custom - Design as per your testing lifecycle. No/low code required.
  • Cost Effective
  • Lightweight - Access only the features that you need and use regularly in your Testing Life Cycle.

It’s the perfect fit for startups and small to medium size businesses.

A Brief Tour of the Basic Version of FlekziTest

Real Time Reporting - Dashboard view gives you a real-time report of the status of the Test Cases Execution. You can also keep track of the quality of the software based on the Defect report. And it doesn't end there: you can even create your own custom reports to view in your dashboard.

Ninox Screenhot

Manage multiple projects and multiple milestones for each project.

Requirements Management - Keep track of all customer requirements. These are mapped to specific projects and milestones.

Ninox Screenhot

Test Case Management - Create, edit, and maintain your test cases in the Test Cases Repository. Test cases can be categorized based on ‘section’. This will aid in filtering required test suites.

Ninox Screenhot

Test Cases Execution - Copy test cases from Test Suite to Test Cycle and execute them. Leverage the import/export feature to speed up the process.

Ninox Screenhot

If the test case fails, report a defect in the Defects table.

See a sneak peek of the tool here:

Video Sneak Peek

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