An international multi-disciplinary consultancy drastically improved data maintenance and administrative efficiency with the help of Ninox

09 July 2018

Ninox Blog Post



Cundall is an international multi-disciplinary consultancy firm with operations in over 20 locations across globe. 800 employees operate from multiple geographies, offering a full range of integrated engineering services.



Effortless customization...

Cundall attributes its success in every market to being highly adaptable to local regulations and practices which influence the delivery of projects in each region. Martin’s team is equipped to cater to the unique and special requirements of the Qatar market by managing the operations and end to end Human resource practices of Cundall Qatar in Ninox. Ninox provides the robust database platform to build custom processes for Cundall Qatar in addition to the required flexibility to enhance and revise processes hassle-free to adapt to the local regulations.



“Existing databases in the market are very generic and not easily modifiable and require investment to make changes. Qatar has special policies to keep track of different kind of employee information. Ninox is the database application to easily set up our processes from scratch. After been using Ninox for last two years we still have new fields to be added. Just add the new field to the existing application and start capturing the information!”



To tailor in the specific administration requirements of the Cundall’s Qatar office’s business policies, Martin was looking for a software that would understand their business and adapt to it and not the other way around. With continuous new and revised processes being implemented in Cundall, Ninox acts as the perfect solution to accommodate the business changes in the software solution whenever required with ease. Adhering to the data privacy policy of their organization, Cundall uses Ninox Server Pro which is the server version of Ninox installed in Cundall’s infrastructure.




Effective real time sync...

Martin’s team used excel sheets to manage the business operations prior to Ninox. While excel was unable to operate with the huge amount of data, the team was also not able to retrieve data for business processes. Furthermore, data had to be synched manually after each use. With Ninox real-time data sync, Martin and his team can manage all their projects on Ninox with everyone collaborating and working on the latest project version. Ninox has simplified the data and process management at Cundall Qatar with all business administration data present at one place making data retrieval and processing efficient.



“With Ninox, information retrieval is simple, and all the required information is present at one place through linking of tables and with real time data sync of Ninox, employees can work on latest data from different geographical locations across teams with no manual intervention”



Sustainability is at the core in Cundall’s value and Ninox is used to record, manage and report the CO2 emission initiative. Cundall is committed to the cause of sustainable world and environment for future generations and work with their staff to achieve a sustainable outcome in everything they do using Ninox as the application tool for managing CO2 emission project.


“Before Ninox, we were using excel sheets and there were a lot of excel sheets with huge amount of data. Retrieving information meant browsing through all these sheets, it was difficult and time consuming.”

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