Digitize customer management

How low-code CRM supports SMEs

The disorganized management of customer data is a common problem that affects the productivity and success of companies.
Even when standard CRM systems are in use, customer management can often be frustrating, as software solutions are difficult to adapt to individual needs. Learn how you can digitalize your customer management — with a tailor-made CRM.

Read here how to optimize your business processes with low-code CRM and improve your customer relationships:

CRM to optimize customer relationships

An effective customer relationship management (CRM) system is an indispensable tool for every company, especially SMEs. With a tailor-made CRM, companies improve their customer relationships and optimize all sales business processes. Find out what low-code CRM is and why SMEs need individual CRM solutions

What is CRM?

CRM refers to a digital solution for customer relationship management or customer relationship management (CRM). This allows companies to centrally manage and use all information about their customers and prospects. This includes contact details and demographic characteristics as well as recording of all interactions: telephone calls, e-mail traffic, offers, etc. The aim is to provide a comprehensive view of the customer relationship. This makes a CRM system an essential tool for customer service, sales and marketing teams

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CRM supports effective management of customer relationships

Customers are the heart of every company. If you're unable to understand and respond to their wants and needs in real time, send accurate offers, and keep contact information up to date, you risk losing out to the competition. Without a solid CRM strategy, companies can struggle to remain competitive.

Mitarbeiter mit Sicherheitshelm aus der Baubranche hält ein Tablet mit Ninox Software in der Hand

Benefits of low-code CRM for midsize companies

With low-code CRM, companies can create an individual, tailor-made CRM solution that is tailored exactly to their needs. This allows you to centrally manage exactly the information about customers and prospects that are required Master data, offers, orders, payments, etc. Thanks to low-code technologies, adapting, developing and creating new functions is quick and easy - companies can create their own business application in just a few steps. Even complex projects are implemented quickly, often in just a few weeks.

How medium-sized companies improve their customer relationships with low-code CRM

A customer-focused company knows that customer relationships are at the heart of their business. To be successful, they must always know what their customers want and need. A low-code custom CRM is the best solution for companies that want to improve their customer experience. With a low-code CRM, you can automate your customer acquisition and lead management, create offers quickly, and personalize marketing campaigns.

The best thing about a low-code custom CRM is the flexibility it gives your business. You can integrate new features or adapt existing ones to meet the changing needs of your customers. In this way, you always stay one step ahead and offer your customers an unparalleled experience.

The most valuable data in the company

A CRM is much more than a customer database: The aim is to provide a holistic view of the customer relationship. A CRM system is therefore an indispensable tool for customer service, sales and marketing. Because customer data is a company's most valuable data.

Everything you need to successfully acquire new customers

Companies need a tailored customer management strategy and appropriate tools to automate lead management and optimize tracking of sales activities. Maximize your sales success with customized CRM modules and components.

Processes under control — from offer to receipt of payment

Simplify offer management, automate order processing, keep an eye on incoming payments — medium-sized companies not only need a central system to control sales processes, but also intelligent interfaces that support efficient and complete digital business processes.

Build exactly what you need — nothing more, nothing less.