Ninox Major Release 2.4 ready: Let's INTEGRATE!

Ninox 2.4 is all about integration. Share table views, connect Ninox with hundreds of services using Zapier and use the new REST API to push and pull content from other apps.

REST API**: Read and update data with HTTP REST requests.

  • Push and Pull information from 3rd party applications via HTTP call.
  • Read and write content stored in Ninox from 3rd party applications via the Ninox API.
  • Learn more in the API documentation.

Zapier Integration**: Integrate Ninox with other Internet services using Zapier. Learn more in the API documentation.

Sharing Table views**: can now be shared as public links. Choose from HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV and JSON rendering.
Once shared, all changes in the view done in the database will be updated in the public link.

03_Share View

Table Views in forms: Use the new layout element "View" to embed a table view querying data from other tables.

01_Table view in input form

Charts in forms: Use the new layout element "Chart" to embed a chart in a form.

02_Chart in form

NX Scripting

Send emails**

Use this function to automate the sending of your e-mails. Just one click on a button and you can send content of your data base to defined e-mail recipients.
sendEmail({from: "",to: "",subject: "Hello World!",text: "Some text",html: "<h1>Some Text</h1><i>With Markup</i>"})

Import a file from a URL as an attachment

You can now import automatically and/or conditionally a file from an URL and save it as an attachment of a data record.
importFile(this, "")

Print a record to an attachment

This function gives you the opportunity to export one of your print layouts as PDF and save it as an attachment of the data record.
importFile(this, printAndSaveRecord(this, "My Print Layout"), "mypdf.pdf")

06_print and save as attachment
Get data from other services**

With the API integration in Ninox you will be able get information from other services. Detailed information about the API integration you will find in our User Manual here: [link=5b57195eb23d4c7ca268b5c8].
let response := http("GET", "", {Authorization: "API-Key"}, null);if response.error then    alert(response.error)else alert(response.result)end

List all files of a record

In order to show it in a field please be aware that the function gives an array. Please use an additional function like concat(), first(), last() etc.

Get a specific file

file(this, "mypdf.pdf")

07_attachment files in form
Activate the bar code scanner

let code := barcodeScan();alert(code)

Ask the user

let result := dialog("Title", "Message", ["Option A", "Option B"]);if result = "Option A"alert("Good choice")elsealert("Great")end

08_Dialogue function

Write protection for individual fields

The "Writable if" option is now also available for each data field.

Multiple user roles for one user**

Now it is possible to assign multiple roles to a user. The administrator can create additional user roles.

Custom Views**

Views can be made visible or invisible for different user roles. In order to do this, choose in the "Edit columns ..." dialogue (small funnel icon above the table view) in the field "Allowed to read" the role for which the view should be visible

Import data from a URL*

The import options now also allow importing from a URL source, e.g. from a shared table view of a Ninox database.

* only available in the Ninox Apps
** only available in Ninox Cloud/Ninox Server teams
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