Let's get visual: Ninox 2.5 comes with 4 new ways to view your data

2018 is coming to an end. But wait, shouldn't be there one more thing? Of course you're right, and here it is: The next release of Ninox will be published in just a couple of weeks. And even better: Beta starts today. Here's what's in the package:

New Views

Views have always been one of the most important concepts in Ninox. With views you can filter, slice and dice your data and display tables in various ways, even as charts. This time we move to the next level, introducing four new types of table views:

  1. The Kanban View
  2. The GANTT View
  3. The Cards View
  4. The Form View

All new view types can be created, by clicking on the (+) button right besides your view tabs.

The Kanban View

Kanban views are a super-useful tool to manage resources, assign tasks or track the status of your invoices. To configure a Kanban view, Ninox will ask you to pick a grouping column. For every group it will display a swim lane. Records will be rendered as cards on the swim lanes. And the best this is: Just by drag and drop you can move around cards from one  swim lane to another, modifying the underlying field - e.g. a status field.


The GANTT View

Time-related data can now be rendered in an intuitive way as a GANTT chart. Ninox will pick the first appointment column or the first two date / date+time columns from the view's configuration to render the bars of the GANTT chart. And just like the Kanban view, GANTT charts are interactive: When dragging around the GANTT bars, Ninox will automatically update the underlying fields.


The Cards View

Tables are an effective way to display many records with high information density. If you're looking for a more visual approach, the new cards view will be the way to go.


The Form View

By combining forms and tables in a split view, Ninox lets you quickly navigate your records while providing the form as a flexible tool to edit your data. However, In some situations the form is more important than  the table. And that's where the new form view kicks in: It  just shows the form full screen, in full beauty.


Beta Starts Today

For those who can't wait to get their hands on the new features, we'll ship the Beta today.
Let us know if you're interested in becoming a Ninox Beta tester: support@ninoxdb.de